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Registration for the E-COMMERCE TOURISM PLATFORM is now open!

Registration for the E-COMMERCE TOURISM PLATFORM is now open!

To accompany businesses operating tourism products and services in Ho Chi Minh City during the recovery period of the domestic tourism industry as well as enhance digital transformation in business activities, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Promotion Center cooperates with Shopee Vietnam to implement the project "E-Commerce Tourism platform".


Recently, the Organizer held a seminar to guide the registration and operation process on the Shopee platform for tourism businesses, aiming to help participants understand how to operate and maintain online business activities in a long-term and sustainable way.


“"The seminar will walk you through the Shopee registration and operating process. Video Clip of the Seminar:””

To register for the Program:

  • Registration form: Link
  • Checklist Shopee Mall: Link
  • Shopee Mall registration instructions: Link


Shopee Mall registration and approval process:

1. Businesses create a seller account and set up shop on Shopee.


2. Businesses submit an application with documents related to operation, brand, and products.

*** Deadline***


3. Shopee opens the Self-Shipping feature for Seller and Voucher & Service category.

4. Businesses post products according to the regulations on posting and selling products of Shopee Mall.

5. Shopee checks & appraises business documents.

6. Shopee announces the results of the application of the store profile.

7. Businesses submit the ID card (of the owner/business’s representative) to Shopee according to instructions.


8. Businesses launch their shops on Shopee Mall.


In addition, you can refer to more specific instructions for shops on Shopee Mall:

·    Regulations for selling products on Shopee Mall: Link

·    Shopee Mall Terms of Service: Link

·    Shopee's payment fee: Link

·    Shopee Mall's fixed fee: Link

·    Revenue feature on Seller Channel: Link

If you have other related questions, please look up information on Shopee's Seller and User Support Platforms: Shopee Uni/User Support or contact staff.

For more information, please contact:

* Shopee VN:

·    Julia Nguyễn - email:

·    Trần Tiến Anh - email:

Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Promotion Center:

·    Ms. Ngọc Anh – Điện thoại:  08996.08896

·    Ms. Hoàng Yến - Điện thoại: 0903.699.799