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Cycling in Ho Chi Minh City

Cycling in Ho Chi Minh City

Cycling together around the city is an opportunity for you to both exercise and feel the green natural beauty in a slow and friendly way. Although some lines in Saigon are always stuck in traffic at all times or you will get lost in a maze of narrow alleys. We suggest some ideal cycling routes to keep your city tour safe and enjoyable.


Cycling in the city center



When dawn or dusk falls, it is the ideal time for you to ride a bicycle to enjoy the cool breeze and relax watching the slow pace of life in the city center. Some areas are ideal for you to cycle around such as 30/4 Park, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Theater, Roundabout of Turtle Lake or Truong Dinh Street - part of Tao Dan Park. At the end of your journey, stop by the local eateries nearby and treat yourself to a few snacks and a refreshing glass of fruit tea. On a free weekend, you can spend a little more time to test your endurance on spacious, airy roads with a moderate route for people who are used to cycling such as East-West Boulevard (the section of Mai Chi Tho street) leads to Thao Dien area in District 2, Nguyen Van Linh street runs through the center of Phu My Hung area in District 7 or Pham Van Dong street runs through Go Vap, Binh Thanh districts and Thu Duc City. These roads are lined with tall trees, green lawns spread throughout the riverside residential areas, creating an airy and cool atmosphere.



Roads for those who love to explore and adventure

On the sunny roads, fresh flowers on the outskirts of the city, you can cycle through the turns, paths and embankments while enjoying the fresh air. Occasionally, you can stop and relax on the swinging hammock at roadside cafes or enjoy rustic dishes, full of rural flavor. If you love cycling to conquer long distances, enjoy an indescribable sense of adventure, some of the city roads we recommend for you are as follows:

The road of Sac forest in Can Gio district and reed grassland in District 7



The road is about 68km, along the riverside, down to the lower part of the Saigon River. After crossing Binh Khanh ferry, you will be immersed in the green space of the vast mangrove forest, fresh and refreshing air. If you have endurance, you only need to pedal another 40km to reach the Can Gio bordering sea district. And if you don't have too much time, after crossing Binh Khanh ferry, you just go to An Hoa junction and then turn right to return to the city by An Thoi Dong ferry. Through the ferry, you follow small concrete roads with one side of the house, the other side is the green coconut water canal leading to Hiep Phuoc industrial park, to Nguyen Van Tao and Nguyen Huu Tho streets to return to the city center. On this road, you will see a large field of reed grass in Phuoc Kieng residential area. The most beautiful season of reeds blooms in March and April, giving you the freedom to take pictures and check-in.


The road of the new urban area in District 2 goes towards Nhon Trach District



The road is about 74km, starting from Hang Xanh roundabout, you cycle towards Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai City. You can also choose the road through Thoi Dai bridge, Diamond Island to Cat Lai ferry, to avoid Dong Van Cong street, which is often stuck in traffic for a long time. This route is chosen by many cycling groups because there are many sections running through quiet rubber forests and luxuriant and fruit-laden orchards.