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Can Gio for nature lovers

Can Gio for nature lovers

Can Gio Mangrove Forest is located in Can Gio district, in the coastal district southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. The forest has become a “green lung” of the city by its important role in 

-Preventing flooding

-Providing food and habitats for many animals

-Providing many medicinal plants

Before the Vietnam war, the Can Gio forest had a vibrant ecosystem, with many mangrove trees. However, it was destroyed by the bombs and toxic chemicals during the war.

In 2000, Can Gio Mangrove Forest was labeled a world-class biological reserve recognized by UNESCO 2000. It becomes a top tourist destination famous for its system of canals, spectacular scenic ocean, and calm tranquility.


There are two ways for you to discover the ecotour: on-road and on-boat. You can walk along the roads under thousands of trees, or you can take a speedboat to explore every corner of the forest.


Fishing at Vam Sat Park


Vam Sat is the area reserved as habitat destinations, such as bat swamp, crocodile farm, fishing crap, and wildlife sanctuary., etc. Tourists also have a chance to learn about Vietnamese guerrilla warfare in the park. On the trip, you go on rowing boats to see bats, fed monkeys, and crocodiles. Taking a rowboat ride to a mangrove forest which is wonderful and see a lot of huge bats hanging from the trees. At the crocodile farm, they have been raised in a unique and semi-natural way. You will learn the fascinating process of hatching crocodiles while they swarm around the boat, waiting to be fed. Fishing rods are provided with long strings and the bait attached, they just jump out of the water and loudly snap at the bait. Throughout the trip along the river, you should highlight the trip with a fishing or carb fishing experience at the end. The tour is fascinating to be in a boat with a nice breeze and scenery along the way. 

Vam Sat15A Area Ly Nhon Town, Can Gio Ward.


Rung Sac Guerilla Base


During the Vietnam War, Can Gio Island was a revolutionary base of the North Vietnam soldiers. Take speed boats to “Sac” guerilla camp built deep in the jungle, giving the visitor a unique experience and a feel of what jungle battles must have been like. Taking a visit to the base which was stationed by Viet Cong from the period of 1966 -1975 and was used to be an important base camp to set up over 1,000 combats to Saigon. As the original base had been bombarded and seriously destroyed, the base still exists today as history and nature of the region as the current Rung Sac Guerilla Base was reconstructed to portray the situation then.

Rung Sac Guerilla BaseRung Sac Street, Long Hoa Town, Can Gio Ward.

“Taking a visit to the base which was stationed by Viet Cong from the period of 1966 -1975 and was used to be an important base camp to set up over 1,000 combats to Saigon.”

Monkey Island

Vam Sat Ecotourism Area is also home to more than 2000 long-tailed monkeys which makes this reserve one of the largest monkey islands in Vietnam! Jumping on a little electric tour bus and journeying deeper into the forest, monkeys started appearing and chasing our bus and you stop at this site to feed them. They are really brave, playful, and wild. Be aware of your belongings or the macaque monkeys might steal some when you let your guard down. Visiting the kingdom of monkeys where they are given a chance to thrive in the preservation is a thrill and fun activity.

Monkey IslandRung Sac Str., Long Hoa Town, Can Gio Ward.


Hang Duong Seafood Market



Coming to Can Gio, do not miss the Hang Duong Market focusing on seafood of fishermen after a day of catching. In addition to visiting the market, you can buy seafood, though it is not cheaper than Ho Chi Minh City, it is fresh, but it is also dancing. You can also ask the sellers to process the delicious dishes made with fresh seafood, locally grown vegetables, and herbs served with fish sauce or chili salt. Courses mainly fish-themed food cooked in local taste such as Roasted crabs with tamarind sauce, grilled mudskippers with chili salt, sour eel tail, catfish soup, and grilled oysters with green onion and peanut, etc. The market is only 50 meters from the 30/4 Beach, so you will not have any difficulties in moving.

Hang Duong MarketThanh Thoi Street, Long Hoa Town, Can Gio Ward.


Dan Xay Mangrove Park

If you are looking for an interactive tour experience and not just for a simple boat ride then this site is divided by a network of canals and rivers.



Since its inauguration in 2014, Dan Xay Mangrove Forest has become an ideal place to visit the natural scenery of Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, Dan Xay gives you the most empirical look to the habitat inside the Mangrove through out-door activities including kayaking, foraging, cycling, camping and embark on the waterway adventure through the mangroves. Moreover, you could also challenge yourself by climbing to a 30 meters tower for a panoramic view of the Mangrove Forest. Flowing along the waterway and have a small adventure to see mangroves with their special roots on the way.


Dan Xay Mangrove Park, 1541, Rung Sac Str., An Thoi Dong Town, Can Gio Ward.


Thanh An Island



Thanh An Island is very attractive to tourists, of its peaceful atmosphere. Thanh An Island will be an ideal place for you to enjoy the pure nature that separates you from the hustle of everyday life. Local people earn their living mainly from fishing, salt-making, and forest planting. Therefore, it is still poor due to the geographical distance to the mainland yet still retains the origin of creation.


Arriving at Thanh An Island, you will feel the serenity in the midst of the scenery of an unindustrialized spot, the wild and simple life of a local fishing village. Unlike other islands in Vietnam affected by typhoons, here is harmonious in general, so you can visit in any season. Experience a day on Thanh An Island at the weekend will bring you many pleasant and comfortable feelings, but don’t forget to keep the environment of the biosphere reserve clean.

Thanh An Island
Thanh An Town, Can Gio Ward.