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Restaurants in the city center for foodies who love meat

Restaurants in the city center for foodies who love meat

Au Lac do Brazil



Au Lac do Brazil restaurant with a unique Brazilian cuisine style is located in the heart of District 3. The design and decoration of the restaurant follows classical architecture, bringing warmth and intimacy to diners. It's great when you and your loved ones enjoy dinner under the warm golden light, sip a traditional "Caipirinha" cocktail or a glass of fine wine watching the dancers dance to the vibrant Samba. The most famous dish in Au Lac do Brazil must be mentioned is Churrasco - Southern Brazilian style grilled meat. The restaurant has a very unique Rodizio service style. When the party starts, you will be invited to enjoy a cocktail “Caipirinha” and salad with fresh vegetables. Next, large skewers with a variety of fresh meats cooked directly on embers will be served to you directly at the table by the waiter. A Coaster card is available on your table, if you are still enjoying it, flip the green side to add more dishes and stop on the red side. At the end of the meal, the waiter will bring you Passion Fruit Mousse with a cool, fragrant taste.


Au Lac do Brazil,No. 238, Pasteur Street, Ward 6, District 3.

Operating hours (Monday to Sunday): 11:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 22:30.


Cowboy Steakhouse & Grill




Cowboy Steakhouse & Grill restaurant brings you a nutritious meat meal with attractive flavor, cooked in the classic Cowboy style of the West. Inside the restaurant, there are many tables and chairs for both couples and groups of friends or families with many people. The Cowboy Steakhouse & Grill menu is famous for its steak dishes made from lean American beef rib, Australian beef rib, premium Australian beef fillet, etc. All served with a variety of buffet sauces such as warm black pepper sauce, delicious mushroom and garlic sauce, attractive red wine and greasy cheese permeate every fiber of meat. You can also enjoy other attractive dishes such as grilled salmon, mixed seafood pasta, tuna roe salad and lamb leg stewed in wine here. 


Cowboy Steakhouse & Grill,No. 40, Dong Nai Street, Ward 15, District 10.

Opening time (Monday to Sunday): 10:00 - 21:30.


The First Steakhouse



The First Steakhouse restaurant was established and operated by Vietnamese chef Danny Duy, processed in the style of traditional European cuisine. The restaurant menu is quite diverse with a variety of ingredients such as Wagyu beef with 7+ marbling point, American Black Angus beef, Miyagi Japanese oysters, Canadian lobster, Danish cold-water shrimp, New Zealand lamb, American pork ribs, … are farmed and caught according to the season. In order for you to have great culinary experiences about the freshness and true taste of the food, in addition to the ingredients, The First Steakhouse also meticulously researched, mixed spices such as Phu Quoc pepper and imported Kosher salt with herbs, then made a separate "rub" of 9 spices for each part of meat. The wine here is also updated according to the food menu each season, there are more than 30 different wines for you to choose from.


The First Steakhouse,No. 69A, Cao Thang Street, Ward 3, District 3.

Opening hours (Monday to Sunday): 11:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 22:00.


ELSOL Meat&Wine



ELSOL Meat&Wine restaurant specializes in serving main dishes of beefsteak and wines. Coming here, diners will enjoy immersing themselves with romantic music melodies in a light and nostalgic space. ELSOL Meat&Wine is suitable for romantic dates, cozy family reunions or intimate meetings under the warm yellow light, on the table there are candles and meticulously arranged fresh flowers. The restaurant's menu features 7 typical meats such as sirloin head, shoulder loin, shoulders lean core, fillet, T-Bone and belly encrusted. All are imported fresh from Australia, USA, Argentina. So that you don't get tired of the meat, the restaurant has a variety of signature sauces, creating a bold and new flavor. There is nothing more interesting than rewarding yourself and your loved ones with a delicious dinner with an aromatic beef steak served with a glass of warm red wine mixed with a little sweetness and romance.


ELSOL Meat&Wine,No. 140/2, Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 8, District 3.

Opening hours (Monday to Sunday): 11:00 - 22:30.


A few popular restaurants

In addition to restaurants with luxurious spaces, we also recommend restaurants specializing in delicious meat with affordable prices. Bo Nuong Pho restaurant is the first suggestion for you and your loved ones to enjoy fresh beef in many different ways such as grilling, cooking hot pot or dipping in sweet and sour broth. The tender fresh beef impregnated with spices will be directly grilled until soft and blended in thick, bold sauces. The most special is the grilled beef with greasy salted egg sauce served with okra. In addition, you can also try grilled honey marinated beef with cheese, oyster beef with spicy sauce, ... also very attractive. More unusual, you can taste fresh beef marinated with garlic, pepper and satay grilled on a tile at Pham Van Dong Street (Go Vap District) or Hoa Hung Street (District 10). Grilling in this way, the beef is cooked evenly and not scorched. To reduce boredom, you should use rice paper rolls with raw vegetables, vermicelli, dipped with bold, spicy lemongrass chili sauce.



Bo Nuong Pho, No. 189, Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Ward 12, District 5.

Grilled beef with tile, No. 87, Hoa Hung Street, Ward 12, District 10.

Grilled Tile Saigon, No. 232, Pham Van Dong Street, Ward 1, Go Vap District.

Opening hours (Monday to Sunday): 17:00 - 23:00.