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Ho Chi Minh City pilots public bicycle rental service

Ho Chi Minh City pilots public bicycle rental service

According to the Development Planning for Ho Chi Minh City’s Transport Infrastructure toward 2020 - a vision after 2020, it is expected that the city will construct 08 ring-radial urban transit networks connecting city center (MRTs) (mainly underground in the inner city), 03 tramway or monorail, and 06 bus rapid transit (BRT) lines, together with other public transport systems: buses, taxi, water transport, public bicycle (electric motorbike) rental service,... forming a complete and interconnected public transport network system to meet people needs. The city has developed schemes and implements step-by-step to achieve the goal. Specifically, the City People's Council passed Resolution 25/NQ-HĐND dated July 11, 2020, on the implementation of strengthening public transport combined with controlling the use of private motorized vehicles in the city.


On that premise, the City People's Committee has issued an implementation plan with 27 solutions for the Scheme to strengthen public transport and control the use of private motor vehicles in Ho Chi Minh City to reach the goal that the city's public transport will take on 25% of urban traffic demand by 2030. The development of public bicycles to support the connection of public transport is one of the tasks of the Scheme, consistent with the orientation of developing Ho Chi Minh City into a smart urban.


The pilot program of public bicycle rental service has been approved by the City People's Committee to be deployed at 43 locations (500 vehicles in total) on the sidewalks of District 1 for 12 months. Developing public bicycles in the form of socialization creates more choices of modes of transport for people and tourists to visit the city center to increase the efficiency of using buses and public means in the future (MRT, BRT, public transport by waterway, ...), limit the usage of private vehicles and reduce the environmental pollution.


43 pilot parking locations

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