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Safe Travel Information

Safe Travel Information

Make the most of your trip with essentials and safe travel information in Ho Chi Minh City and how to get around in the City.

City Guides, Maps and Apps

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City and its attractions is now easy with our recommendations. Travel guides, maps, mobile apps, and many other useful tools are available at your disposal, detailed here

Getting around the City 

Ho Chi Minh City's diverse and efficient public transport system will get you to your memorable attractions easily and quickly. Find out more about public transport in the city here

In particular, taking a taxi will be comfortable and especially convenient if you want to go to places that the bus cannot reach. Taxis are charged by the meter, but there may be additional charges depending on the location and the taxi company you take. To estimate the amount to be paid, ask the driver about the surcharge and ask for an invoice at the end of the journey. You can hail a taxi while standing on the side of the road in most places, or by queuing at the taxi waiting areas available in most shopping malls, hotels and attractions.

However, there have been cases where tourists boarded fake taxis, causing unsafety for passengers, being charged high taxi fares, and making it difficult for passengers to lose their luggage. In order to ensure the interests of passengers, we would like to recommend the distinction between real and fake taxis in detail here