Experiencing the short-time City Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

 Historical site – Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi is known as an exciting destination, attracts domestic and foreign tourists. Especially, travel to Cu Chi as a “VIP” on one of our modern speedboats helps you arrive hours sooner than large tour groups and have memorable experiences.
The speedboat is very quiet, acrossing the skycrapers, quickly, you’ll see green space with meadows, orchards along the riverbank appear gradually. The feeling of sitting on the boat, watching the sky and blue water, a peacefull space without smog and traffic jam, that’s an ecstatic feeling. The tour will be more interesting with the introduction about Ho Chi Minh city (of course having the English speaking guide if we have foreign tourists).

Coming to Cu Chi tunnels, this is not only a historical site but also an unique wonder that admire visitors in around the world. With the 250 kilometers of tunnels, Cu Chi is called as “implicit village” or “dangerous secret zone”… The tunnel system spreads to short and long branches, even spreads to the Saigon River. Maybe there are some troubles with foreign tourists, but you’ll feel worthy with the time at Cu Chi tunnels, that’s for sure !

In here, tourists will enjoy the specialities of the South area, the “Steamed cassava with coconut milk”, it’s so delicious. This is a significant and memorable trip that you can widen your knowledge about history, culture and people of Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh city in particular. 
Can Gio Mangrove Forest tour (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve)
The Eco-Adventure tour to Can Gio Mangrove Forest – the lung of Ho Chi Minh City, is also a suitable choice with people who is interest in Eco-Adventure. Visitors departure from Bach Dang pier by the modern speedboat system to Can Gio.

A peaceful space of mangrove forest with mangroves, avicennias, cork-trees, nibas along the riverbank reflect the shadow above the water surface follow the waves. The green color of water is also the color of mangrove forest vegetation, the sound of birds will make the trip more exciting.

You can go sightseeing, enjoy landscapes and also try  experience and being stress when catching crabs, feeding crocodiles. Besides, hospitable wild monkeys will make you have more interesting in your trip.

Temporarily farewell canoes, small boat get visitors across the creeks, a lot of roots of mangroves and avicennias as “flying dragon”, The boat continue taking visitors wander around “Doi Swamp” after that.

The lunch is extremely special with enjoying traditional dishes of Vietnam in a peaceful and airy space. Kitchen smoke harmony with dishes smell, making a great flavour. Although they are affordable dishes in here but you can’t find it anywhere else. If the menu has the “Mudskipper delight salad” with forest vegetables or shrimp, I’m sure that you can’t stop in the meal, because they are Can Gio’s specialities.
If you have the demand to buy gifts for relatives or friends, we have choices such as Mudskipper stockfish, Pangasius stockfish, Can Gio’s mango…
Story: Thanh Tin; Pictures: Huu Long

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