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Dujiangyan, in the northwest of Sichuan, China, is home to China's "national treasure" giant pandas and has the largest number of pandas per capita in the world. With beautiful natural scenery and a long history, the city has a civilization history of more than 4500 years and a city construction history of more than 2200 years, reputed as the best tourism city in China and one of the few cities with three heritages in the world. 

Dujiangyan, World Cultural Heritage and Heritage Irrigation Structures

Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project was built in 256 B.C., with a history of more than 2,270 years. It embodies the diligence, courage and wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people, and is characterized by water diversion without a dam. It is the ancestor of the world's water conservancy project and the only ancient water conservancy project in the world that is still bringing benefits.

Mt.Qingcheng, World Cultural Heritage

Mt.Qingcheng, with its unique landform, lush vegetation and trees, has always been known as the tranquillest place in the world. As the birthplace of Taoism, the only indigenous religion in China, It has bred profound Taoist culture, which has influenced Chinese politics, economy and culture for more than 1,800 years. Besides, it has fostered the traditional Taoist health-preserving culture, which is mainly composed of Qingcheng Taoist medical treatment, Qingcheng martial arts, Qingcheng Taoist music , Qingcheng tea art and Taoist diet, etc


Sichuan Giant Panda Natural Habitat, World Natural Heritage

Dujiangyan city has two panda bases, and a total of more than 60 charming national treasure giant pandas live here all year round. Panda Valley is a research base for the wild release of giant pandas, and you can see the giant pandas and red pandas up close. Dujiangyan Base for China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center (Panda Paradise) is the main base for giant panda international exchange and cooperation. Visitors can learn about the living environment and protection knowledge of giant pandas by visiting giant pandas and participating in volunteer activities.

Every year, Dujiangyan holds cultural activities, such as Qingming Water-Releasing Festival, International Yoga Festival and international music week, and international competitions, such as cycling, marathon and rafting, so that people can enjoy green mountains and clear water while releasing their vitality.

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