In response to the Banh mi Saigon week, Chef Jack Lee presents the 'Banh mi in ginger sauce'

Chef Jack Lee - Judge in the panel of Top Chef Vietnam – presents the "Banh mi in ginger sauce" – one that enhances nutrition and immune system - with the coordination by Caravell Hotel Saigon and the social network Tiktok.

Banh mi was originally a treat introduced into Vietnam several centuries earlier, and has since become one iconic food reminiscent of Vietnam and Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, winning the hearts of locals and international visitors.
The original treat was served as a side dish or dipped into a sauce, then transformed into an all-in-one Vietnamese dish of local culinary identity.

For years, renowned travel websites, prestigious travel guides have put banh mi into a list of must-haves visitors cannot afford to miss on their trips to Vietnam, to Saigon in particular. Brands of banhmi in Saigon, big chains and mom-n-pops alike, have been recommended by reputable tourist sites as a delicacy. Bread has also been voted by CNN as one of the best street foods in the world.
The word bánh mì was added as an entry to the Oxford English Dictionary - one of the most prestigious English dictionaries in the world - on 24 March 2011.
This is a recognition by the international tourist community of a unique culinary culture of Vietnam. The entry "banh mi" in the Oxford English dictionary has launched Vietnamese bread, Banh mi Saigon to stardom featuring Vietnam and Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City on the international tourism map, advocating international visitors to come and enjoy the treat.

Watch the Banh mi in ginger sauce video here.
P.V (Based on the Ho Chi Minh City Travel Magazine)

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